Spectrum Contributes To Rock Engineering's Exciting & Innovative Project

Spectrum Contributes To Rock Engineering's Exciting & Innovative Project

When it comes to innovation in today’s modern world, it has never been more important for manufacturers to consider accessibility. Spectrum Powder Coating were proud to collaborate with Rock Engineering on one of their most recent projects: designing a disabled rock climber buggy to be used on a solo ascent of Snowdon, undertaken by pioneer Wheelchair Adventurer Nick Wilson.

Rock Engineering are an advanced engineering company based in Towcester, known for their many years of experience in the automotive and motorsport industries. They developed a plan for a specialised buggy designed to help those with disabilities experience the thrill of rock climbing. This innovative vehicle would empower people with mobility challenges to explore rugged terrain that would have been inaccessible to them before.

Not only did this project require engineering prowess, but it also called for precision and longevity alongside a flawless finish. That was where Spectrum Powder Coaters Ltd stepped in. As a specialist supplier of high-quality powder coating services in Rugby, Northampton and the surrounding areas, we were more than happy to bring our commitment to excellence to this exciting and rewarding project.

We took on the project with enthusiasm and attention to detail, utilising advanced powder coating technology to achieve an exceptional finish. Following a meticulous process, Spectrum Powder Coaters covered the buggy in a visually striking and durable finish, combining functionality with a sleek design.

Powder coating is a highly efficient method of coating parts. Not only does it prevent corrosion and increase wear resistance, but it can also improve the appearance of metal parts. Applying this finish to the buggy provided it with essential protection against the elements, meaning that it is now ready to tackle harsh terrain in a variety of weather conditions.

The finished product is an adventuring wheelchair empowering users to explore the outdoors like never before. With over 1500Nm of torque and a top speed of 6Kph, the buggy is now fully equipped to withstand the uneven terrain of the mountains. Working on the project with Rock Engineering was a highly rewarding experience. We wish Nick Wilson the best of luck in his ascent of Snowdon.

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