Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that these FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) regarding the Powder Coating Services provided by Spectrum Powder Coaters will help you better understand the powder coating process, how it can be employed and its main features. If you have any further questions, enquiries or comments please contact Spectrum Powder Coaters' General Manager:

Chris Shannon by telephone, email or use our powder coating Contact Form.

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is the process whereby previously cleaned and degreased objects are coated with a dry powder which is then heated in order to ensure that it remains firmly adhered to the object. For more details see our Articles on Powder Coating.

How do you Powder Coat on object?

The clean, grease-free object can be sprayed with powder - see our article: Application methods for powder coating.

What colours can be applied?

A wide range of colours can be applied - see our Powder Coating Colours Page.

Is it possible to apply a second powder coat over an existing powder coated surface?

Yes you can usually overcoat components once, sometimes twice, depending on the condition of the original coating.

Can components be re-coated using a different colour, if they are already coated, and will the old colour show through?

Some strong colours can bleed when overcoated with a lighter colour – for example if you were to overcoat red with white the final colour is usually pink.

How long does it take to complete the whole powder coating process?

The length of time will vary depending on the amount of preparation involved but to degrease, coat and cure is around an hour.

What materials can be powder coated?

Almost all components that are capable of taking an electrical charge and can withstand temperatures of 180?, steel, aluminium, stainless steel – even some fibre boards where special low temperature coatings can be used.

Is your powder coating guaranteed?

When a part is processed correctly it will last for many years but if the powder coating becomes damaged or exposed the surface can break down quite quickly. We coat parts to many international approvals and specifications and as part of these contracts we have to test the coatings performance in our test facility - this ensures we maintain our accreditations to both our customers and to manufactures standards. We call this an agreed standard and it will vary according to exposure and the complexity of the component.

Can I bring an item in and collect it, powder coated, on the same day?

We usually operate a three to five day turnaround but we have been known to coat parts the same day with a twist of the arm!

How environmentally friendly is your powder coating process?

We use no solvents in the powder coating process all the surface preparations are carried out with water based chemicals. Read about our new, environmentally-friendly Vixen wash plant.

Can you coat an item in two different colours?

We have developed a method to process parts that are coated different colours on different sides.

Have you got a colour chart, or a list of paints that you have in stock?

We have a downloadable colour chart on our website and we stock over 300 colours in a range of finishes. See some of the powder coating colours displayed on this web site.

Will you be able to provide me with the COSHH data sheets for the product being used?

We can provide both technical data sheets and COSHH sheets for the products we use.

Does powder coating chip off laser cut edges?

Oxygen cut parts can have this issue - we suggest removing the oxide mechanically. Nitrogen cut parts are usually ok.

What is the maximum size object that you can powder coat?

We can coat parts up to 3000mm in length.

Is powder coating as good as wet painting?

Processed correctly it is far superior in most cases but wet paint does still have some advantages.

Can parts have a primer applied before the main coat?

All our parts are chemically treated prior to being coated, for further protection a primer can be applied. See our article Pre treatment of components prior to powder coating.

How are powder coating jobs priced?

Jobs are priced on a combination of the amount of materials and labour used and the throughput on large volumes.

Can you coat anything other than metal?

We have been quite successful in Coating MDF, the limitations are if the part will take an electrical current and whether it will melt in the oven!

Does it matter what type of metal it is?

We have had success coating most metals - both ferrous and non ferrous.

Can you coat an item in two different colours?

Yes Spectrum Powder Coaters have perfected a technique for coating parts in two different colours.

Any further Powder Coating questions?

If you have any further questions about Powder Coating,- please don't hesitate to Contact us.

If you require Powder Coating Services, please contact the specialists at Spectrum Powder Coaters today.

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